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OJSC "Construction Trust #4"


History of construction Trust

  • OJSC“Construction Trust" was created in 1946 and it is one of the oldest building companies in the Republic of Belarus.
  • Today the staff number is more than 2300 specialists, including engineering and technical staff (440). The team of “Construction Trust” has highly qualified specialists: workers, engineers and technicians with extensive experience, many of whom took part in the objects construction of abroad
  • OJSC“Construction Trust” is the general contractor, but specializes in the following types of work: general construction, plumbing, electrical, finishing, construction of utilities and landscaping
  • The volume of works of the general contract performed in 2014 is more than 200.0 million US dollars
  • Introduction of progressive technologies, use of new effective materials and powerful industrial base have enabled to provide construction of buildings for a various purpose, including high-rise buildings. “Construction Trust” mastered the technology’s of construction of buildings with monolithic frame with different formwork systems
  • A team have a great experience of projects with new architectural and planning solutions and the European level of the work
  • “Construction Trust” has certified quality management system, occupational health and environmental safety
  • One example is a project of one of the largest and most complicated in terms of the technology of the object in Europe -Minsk Aqua park with indoor and outdoor aqua zone. The water-entertainment complex have a 16 waterslide and attractions, the most longest waterslide is 212 meters
  • “Construction Trust” annually builds and puts to exploitation residential buildings with a total area more than 100 thousand square meters
  • Today, the structure of “Construction trust” includes:
  • -six general contracting departments: SU-7, SU-10, SU-13, SU-26;
  • -specialized network department and landscaping;
  • -specialized finishing department;
  • -specialized Electrical Department;
  • -department of mechanization;
  • -production and processing equipment;
  • -housing and municipal office;
  • -unit of the Company.
  • OJSC“Construction trust” has a strong position in the construction market for many years

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